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Khndzoresk ICC one-year celebration

On 12 November it was a great event in Khndzoresk ICC.It was ICC's 1-year celebration.School teachers,students,the head of the community of Khndzoresk and community members were present in this event. The ICC's staff Lusine Manasyan and Anush Avetisyan welcomed all guests and presented ICC one-year activities summery,implemented programs and the projects for future.
During the event all guests got the new buklet of ICC including the information of Icc's services. That day it was the "THE STUDENTS IN THE WORLD OF COMPUTERS" gallery opening by the school students of 3-4 grades.They tried to show their inward by the bright color.The pictures were made not as usual by the pencils;they painted by the magic mouse.ICC staff apprishiates the work of pupils: it was given the sertificates to all students, who participated in this gallery creation.

After S.Hayrapetyan the head of the community of Khndzoresk was asked his speech. Hayrapetyan welcomed all guests and marked the importance of the ICC for Khndzoresk school moreover,the great role of modern technologies in the new generation's (pupils) development,on wich somehow depends the future of Armenia. The homework Jasmen Manasyan expressed her gratitude to ICC and as she says:
- During this year it was a lot of changes in my life.there are not any places of entertainments in our village and I started to visit school ICC since when it opend. I learned more,and I participated in the "Healty lifestile" online project,during that I got my questions answers by the participants doctors.
During this event a lot of community members expressed their thoughts about ICC's importance in their life in 21 century.

 Project  Harmony  Sponsored by the BUREAU  of  Educational and  Culturial  Affairs   U.S. State department with Project Harmony's implemention