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A peculiar relic of Armenia, which encloses the history of countless centuries, Khnzoresk is so ancient that nobody remembers its beginning. This is a place where fire is brightly kept since the goddess Anahit. Nobody knows exactly when the human being stepped into this mysterious canyon, when that enormous, incomparable stonemade "Complex" was created. Here the centuries seem to be moments.


The origin of the word "Khndzoresk" is unknown, but there are some explanations referring to its origin.One of them reveals that the root of the word is "Khndzor,"that is in Armenian "Apple,"which is abundant in this area, another explanation is that in ancient times the village was called "Khor Dzor " that is "Deep Canyon" which carried some phonetic changes and became today's name. In fact, all these versions can be accepted as both the canyons and apples are plentiful.

eople living in Khndzoresk preserve the tomb of Mkhitar Sparapet (Commander-in-chief of Armenian army) in the place called Desert in the middle of the canyon, with sanctity. Before Christianity there were heathenish sanctuaries, but after adopting Christianity, 4 churches were build in Khndzoresk; Snt. Hripsime, Snt. Tadeos, The church of the Desert; and the old Church. Khndzoresk must be protected as a big museum.
Such a wonderful place is rarely found in the World.

n 1950 Khndzoresk moved to the plain. Khndzoresk struggled for its freedom and independence and had lost many of its brave fighters.Among them we should mention the commander of Guard Nerses Baloian, the commander of division Nerses Baluyan ; general major Sergey Karapetyan ; the hero of Sov. Union.Gurgen Arzumanyan. Khndzoresk is famous for both its heroic past and its sons who has played a great role in science and art. Now Khndzoresk lives with great hope for future. Every year a number of tourists visit Khndzoresk to admire the miracle of the nature. Project Harmony Sponsored by the BUREAU  of  Educational and  Culturial  Affairs   U.S. State department with Project Harmony's implemention

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