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Our School

The secondary school of Khndzoresk was established in 1885. The new building was opened in 1969. The 100th
Anniversary of the school was celebrated in 1985. The famous faces of the school were the outstanding writers Suren Ayvazyan, Garegin Sevunts, Shoxik Safaryan, the proverb writer Shmavon Hovsepyan; the artists Tamara Satunts, Henrik Siravyan; the national actress Tatevik Sazandarian; the professors of biological science Vahan Xazaryan; the doctors of historical science Abel Simonyan and Shahen Ohanjanyan;the composers Aram and Ashot Satyans; the doctors of medical science Ashot Gulxasyan, Karen and Vardan Aqunts; the doctors of agricultural science, the hero of social work Mikael Gyulxasyan; the doctor of philological science Benik Yuzbashyan; the doctor of juridical science Armenak Danielyan, and the doctor of philosophical science Ashot Telunts.
Now the school has 19 classrooms, a sport-hall, a conference hall, 2 laboratories (physics,chemistry), a hall of Glory, and the ICC. The school consist of 33 teachers and 11 employees. There are 374 pupils in the school 2003-2004. The school is managed by the school council.

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